The Comment From Mr. Reichl (DEADLOCK) [音楽の話題]

今朝BLOGをチェックしてたら、先日の記事に英語のコメントが入っていて、読んでみたら、DEADLOCKのGuitalist、Sebastian Reichlからだった! 本人かどうかわからないけど、もちろん本人からだって信じるさ!

I found the comment by English on this BLOG this morning. It was from Sebstian Reichl, guitarist of DEADLOCK !!   Although I do not know whether it is what he himself commented, of course, I believe that it is his own comment.

Mr. Reichl Commented,

hey there,

i am the guitarplayer of deadlock from germany. and it is really funny for me because i cannot read anything!?
but i hope you japanese people like our record.
hails from germany!


やあ、俺はDEADLOCKのギタープレイヤーだ。何も読めないからとっても変な感じなんだけど、日本のみんなが俺達のレコードを気にいってくれるといいな。 ドイツから万歳!!________________________________________________________



I am very glad that the professional musician who is making my favorite music gave the comment to such small BLOG which are managed by the persons who is not working by the music industry.

コメントありがとう、セバスチャン!! 俺はこれからもDEADLOCKを応援し続けるぜ! そしてこれを読んでくれた日本の方々、デスメタルを聴けるんなら、DEADLOCKのアルバム「Earth. Revolt」を聴こう! 最高でっせ!!

Thank you for a comment, Sebastian!!  I keep rooting for DEADLOCK. And Japanese people who read this, please listen the CD "Earth. Revolt" by DEADLOCK if you can listen the death metal!  It's greatly fantastic!!



  • アーティスト: Deadlock
  • 出版社/メーカー: Lifeforce
  • 発売日: 2005/06/28
  • メディア: CD

ちなみにDEADLOCKのSebastian Reichl というのは、下の写真の人。いいおとこですね~

Incidentally Sebastian Reichl of DEADLOCK is the man of a lower photograph.  He looks very smart.


Since He may reed this BLOG , I summarize and translate the report that he was not able to read.(It's reckless!!) 



I am very glad to find web which can try listening the music "Awakened By Silrens" by DEADLOCK.

This is my most favorite tune on this year. It's very heavy, melodious and fanrastic!!  Especially, I think that the soulful song of Ms.Weniger is very wonderful. Moreover, the part of the end of this music moved me profoundly.

I'd like to listen DEADLOCK's music and Ms.Weniger's songs more and more.
(But since their CD is not sold at Japan except for "Earth. Revolt", it is difficult to listen them! This is what should be apprehended very much. )

If you like Heavy Metal by growl voice, please listen this song from that e-card.



全然書いていること違うって? すみません、私の英語力ではこれが限界です。また、上記の英語も多分に間違っている部分があると思いますので、気が付かれた方はご指摘くださいませ。 稚拙な英語を公開なんぞして、大変失礼しました。



nice! 7